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I invite you, the spectator,

to be aware, soft and silent

as you change the location

of your hand, your eye, your body.

I invite you to suspend the idea

of the internal and the external, 

and experience what moves.

                                Below are links

to 4 experiments.



through them all, then choose 3 to participate in.


After you have completed 3, please return to the questionaire.             


 This live performance overlaps the now-ness of a body in its surroundings and the now-ness of you in your surroundings,

as we inhale and exhale, keep and lose attention. 

 I invite you to watch either the

full half-hour

or to switch in and out between the other experiments.

I invite you to be aware of your body and where you are while watching.


overlapping live-ness  

This video has currently been removed from YouTube. Please click here for another version:

overlapping live-ness 1

  A                     moves        

 a body          limbs       and     

 sculpt space        Mysterious        lurking      live and         and live.       


 as a          through which       enters      transforms     and          the location of         determines     redness  

poppy with reflection.jpg
portal / passage / poppy

This experiment is one attempt to internalize nature. You will need to open the link preferably on your phone, although a laptop will do.  Find a window to stand with your back towards so that the screen reflects the window. Play the video in full screen.  Let your eyes move between watching the reflection and watching the video. Move and tilt your phone or laptop, move and tilt your body. Play with softening your eyes to watch both reflection and video at the same time. 

portal / passage / poppy

shadow to light-0003.tiff

This virtual exhibit looks into the visual potential of menstrual blood. It is an experience of exposure as a result of coordinating hand and eye movements.  By adjusting the mouse or fingers on the touch pad, you can change location    and proximity to the photographs. 

 I invite you to let the movement of your eyes and your hands guide your gaze, and to let what you see, move you.

muse   um

muse  um

         Expelled      space 

            the           release        explore how                      generate             after it leaves                   especially           when             seen  

  Rhythmic body 

traverses               landscape    

 don't tell me           to go    

  mind       give my feet      time               porous             maneuvering topography       until I         still 


This soundtrack is a collage of a series of walks taken in different places. Listen to this with headphones. Find a comfortable position to sit or lie down in for the duration of this soundtrack, about 7 minutes. Stay as still as possible in this position while you listen.  Bring your attention to the details in the soundtrack and observe what moves in you.   

silent walk

silent walk

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